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How Mentoree Works

Frequently asked questions

Mentoree is a platform that connects mentors and mentees from all walks of life. Our goal is to make the world more connected and inclusive by spreading knowledge, acceptance and friendships around the world.

We built Mentoree for people who seek life changing relationships. We’ve seen the impact that people have had in our own lives and wanted to create a platform to help others make meaningful connections and increase human happiness.

“Seek and you will find, ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will be opened for you”

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Everyone can benefit from the wisdom and advice of a mentor, whether they are in school, pursuing a career, starting a business, volunteering or even retiring. Mentees gain knowledge, perspective and connections. Mentors learn by teaching and unlock new energy. Everybody is enriched by getting to know people from more places, ages, races, cultures, skillsets and backgrounds.

Absolutely. Most of us have things we want to learn as well as knowledge, skill or connections that we can share with others.

Start by having a conversation. For mentees, it’s good to know what you would like assistance with. Be honest with your match and come prepared to take action.

No. We built this platform to connect people and scale up human potential.

A mentor is someone who wants to make a positive impact. Some will be renowned in areas such as business or the arts, but many will simply have the wisdom and perspective that comes from life experience. It helps to be a patient listener who is open, honest and enthusiastic about helping others achieve their goals.

A mentee is someone who wants to learn, grow and expand their world. It helps to be willing to listen and accept advice. It’s also good to show empathy and respect towards your mentor. After all, they are committed to building a relationship with you and are investing in your success.

You can ask a mentor to assist you in any area where you want to gain more insight, make better decisions, or find new opportunities. It could be about something technical in nature, it could be about dealing with people, it could be about education or career choices, or it could simply be about how to manage your life. Some people build relationships with multiple mentors who act as a personal “advisory board.”

Start by creating your Mentoree profile. This will enable you to search our database of mentors. It will also allow our mentors to find you. When you identify someone who has the right profile, you can book a time and make a connection.

This is up to you, but we believe as little as four hours per year can make a substantial positive impact on someone’s life. Imagine if you had an hour each quarter with someone you admired when you were on the way up.

Start by creating your Mentoree profile and set up your calendar availability. This will enable mentees to find you and submit meeting requests. It will also allow you to search for mentees. This can be particularly valuable if you are interested in opening doors for specific mentees.

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